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This article is a guest post written by Sharni-Marie Barney, Director Forj Marketing.

18 months into my business and halfway across the other side of the world from where I had been living most of my life I hit a massive low. There was nothing I could do to pull myself out of it. Almost daily I was feeling incredibly anxious, trying to kick bouts of depression and had a massive urge to just run away from everything, literally.

I have lived with depression at various times throughout my entire life. I didn’t always recognise it as that, but in essence, that’s what it was. Worse than having depression and anxiety was getting to the point of seriously accepting that I was just going to have to live with it.

Then I started doing some work for an NLP Coach. Sure, I was intrigued, but this wasn’t the first time I had met someone who had tried to feed me a heap of self-help BS that I would roll around in my head for a while before going back to my deep dark hole.

If you had met me during this time, you would be surprised to read this perhaps. I became very good at disguising all my struggles. In fact, the travel helped me hide it more because I could literally separate myself from people and just give them the pieces of me I wanted them to see.

But the travelling did something else too. It made me realise that it was not the external circumstances that I was previously in that was causing all the discontent. It really was coming from inside of me and massively affecting how I viewed the world and the experiences I was having. Realising this made me worse – to the point that I began disconnecting completely from life and people. Not good.

One day, after working with this NLP coach for a couple of months, I made a comment to them about how I had just learnt to live with anxiety, depression and disconnect (in a round-about sort of way). The response back to me was something that no one else had ever said to me so simply or directly:

“You don’t have to live with that shit. We can clear that stuff up within a couple of weeks.”

The simplicity of it seemed ridiculous to my conscious intellect. But it resonated so deeply inside of me and hit home so strongly that I couldn’t deny that I actually started to believe it was possible.

It took me at least another month to commit to the coaching. Stupid huh? Well, another issue I had was committing to things and procrastination. Every time there was a mention of doing the coaching, and my entire body would feel massively uncomfortable about the whole process to the point that I stopped and asked myself – why am I resisting this stuff so much? Do I really want to stay messed up? And if so, that is REALLY messed up. I signed off to do the coaching before I could think about it anymore.

But this is an interesting point here – we love being messed up. Don’t believe me? Think about how many things you can excuse yourself from because you are messed up? Think about how you can manipulate relationships, not challenge yourself in your career, stay lonely, stay broke etc etc. You have lied to yourself so much about these things that you are probably now believing it and don’t consciously recognise these stories in your mind anymore.

I did 12 sessions of NLP Coaching and Timeline Therapy. I think the depression was cleared up after the 4th or 5th session. Seriously – it is like I am in remission – no depression now for the last few months. Other things that got cleared up were procrastination, the disconnect, the fear of confrontation, and anxiety. I no longer wake up in the morning feeling overwhelmed, and I no longer go to bed at night dreaming about running away. And I am committed to my own personal growth and success. No matter what. I do not fear failure like I used to, and a lot of the anger and resentment I had for all the unfortunate experiences I had in my life and the people involved have turned into powerful lessons for me to take into my future. I will use these to educate my children also in how to make better decisions.

But more importantly, I have powerful tools to tackle life and business with. Sure, there are moments I still slip back into old mindsets and attitudes. But I now have an ability to step back, think about the actual subconscious triggers that are causing the upset and resolve these issues much more quickly, without the situation turning into a massive internal thunderstorm.

Why do you need an NLP Coach? Because you don’t need to live with that shit that you are currently living with. Most of it you probably don’t even realise it is sitting there inside of you, silently being triggered through the experiences you have daily, and manipulating your every decision. Your subconscious reacts first before your conscious mind has a chance to process it.

All that stuff that holds you back from who you truly are… Gee – I didn’t even know really who I truly was anymore. Most of the time I was just living reactionary – trying to find my way through half-blind.

Especially if you are an entrepreneur or in business right now – your mindsets and your limiting beliefs and all the emotional crap you are carrying around is massively affecting your ability to make good decisions, form decent relationships and take your business to the next level. I encourage you to stop delaying the personal work you need to do and just GET IT DONE. No need to thank me later 😉

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