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Trained Up and Ready To Achieve But Lack Confidence?

It is a fierce and competitive business environment out there these days and there is increasing pressure on people to continually be upskilling to keep up with the pace of change.

So, we do it. We go to the training. We read through the latest studies. We go to workshops, conferences, and sometimes even hire business consultants to come in and spend extended periods of time training us and our teams.

But then we are back in our office, inspired to launch our next big idea, set up the brand new sales or marketing plan, or seek public events to speak at. And then all of sudden we find ourselves frozen with a massive lack of confidence.

You sit back and think about all that you have learnt and get frustrated with yourself. Why can’t you just launch yourself out there into the great big sea of next level stuff? You know you have the ability. You have a proven track record. You have done the training.

But you are running with the big boys now, and everything seems so much more daunting. What can you do?

Here are some tools to help you generate confidence in your life.

1. Reflect on all your personal achievements.

Acknowledging yourself and how far you have come will spur you on to the face your next challenge. Focus especially on the times that you felt way out of your comfort zone, but rose to meet the challenge and managed to work your way through. Write these down and keep them in front of you on a daily basis.

2. Reflect on why you are experiencing a lack of confidence.

When did you tell yourself that you couldn’t do it, and how is that serving you? Is it just an excuse that your subconscious is using to keep you in your comfort zone? Do you not feel good enough? If so, when did you make that decision in your life? Go back to the point where you laid that pattern of thought in your subconscious and reset it. Replace it was a powerful confession of unlimited potential.

3. Focus on the goal, not on the challenge

When you have something positive that you are working towards, it has a strong magnetism with your soul. Focus helps us align our energy with what we truly want and is much stronger than the fear that is feeding your lack of confidence.

If you would like to work through any of this in a personal session, feel free to give me a call. Creating Your Future is a powerful technique that can transform your thinking in just a few sessions.

Every next level of your life will demand a different you.” — Leonardo Dicaprio

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