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The state of todays work environment is deteriorating under the weight of deadlines, financial pressures and growing economical discontent. Stress and anxiety, and the less talked about topic of depression is now on the list of major health conditions next to heart disease and cancer. About 29% of Australian workers feel a high amount of stress in relation to their job often or always. 44% feel a high amount of stress at work sometimes.

Alongside these statistics, alcohol abuse is also on the rise. It is no surprise really – a common legal suppressant to deal with all the pressures of life and business.

In short, with more information at our finger tips than ever before, the more stressed we are becoming. Technology is not going to solve this problem for us. Neither is alcohol or medication (to some extent). Covering up the root cause and pushing down the symptoms only makes the problem more dramatic and impactful when it does finally crack the surface and explode.

The triggers that get us all wound up seem numerous and usually appear unique to the individual. External circumstances are always to blame, and the inability to shift or control these situations usually adds to our anxiety, leaving a sense of helplessness and ‘stuckness.’

Let’s look at a number of tools you can pick up to start addressing the issue of excessive stress today.

  1. Whenever you feel stress begin to rise, take a note of what triggers it. Write it down if you can, or make a conscious mental note.
  2. Once you recognise the triggers, consider why that particular moment or issue is setting you off. Acknowledge that there might be something underlying (at the unconscious level) that may be spiked by the external circumstance.
  3. Take 10 minutes to breathe, and meditate. This doesn’t have to be weird. It’s just sitting quietly somewhere considering yourself, your body, your emotions. Without thinking about the day, planning or analysing. Just observing. In the moment.
  4. Think Cause and Effect – if you are at the effect of the external trigger you will not be able to move past it as it will forever be outside of you and your control. Try instead to ask yourself the following question, “What is there to learn from this experience, the learning of which will help me move forward”
  5. Download my free Hypnotic induction on positive thinking and listen to it once a day for seven days. At 30-40 minutes long it’s the perfect length to give yourself some ‘me’ time before going to work, at lunchtime or just before going to bed in the evening.
  6. Finally, if stress and anxiety are starting to rule your life and you feel like you are trapped in a never-ending cycle, book an appointment to come and see me. Together we will get to the root cause of your stress and have you living a much happier, more content, less stressful and anxious existence.

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