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Taking a Different Look at Weight Loss

Weight loss and emotional eating is a hot topic and a point of frustration in a lot of people’s lives. You start the week highly motivated to try to lose weight and are on the right track. Then as the week progresses, you fall back into your old ways and bad habits by the time Friday comes around.

It’s just too easy to reach for a glass of wine, your favourite chocolate bar, perhaps you are addicted to diet coke, hamburgers, ice cream or any other type of ‘comfort food’. Then you’re back to your same dilemma of not achieving what you set out to do.

But, there is an amazing technique we use in NLP coaching that’s called “like to dislike”.

If someone has a weakness towards a certain type of food or drink that is not supportive of a healthy lifestyle and their weight loss goals, we use this NLP technique of subconscious replacement.

Subconscious replacement

Subconscious replacement is an approach that uses visualization techniques. For example, you visualize the weakness (the comfort food or drink) and compare it to something that you really dislike.

It does help if you have at some point tasted this food or drink that you dislike and had a negative reaction to it.

At the unconscious level, we map them across. The ‘like’ food is mapped to ‘dislike’ food, and as soon as you think about the food you originally couldn’t resist, you find you can now resist it.

Emotional responses to food

I was working with a lady who was desperately trying to lose weight but was addicted to ice cream. It was triggered by an emotional response. She’d have a bad day and sit down with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s and eat till it was all gone.

We started this process to help her overcome this emotional response that she had. First, we started talking about foods she disliked, and she immediately remembered her Grandmother’s homemade Greek yoghurt. To her, it was disgusting and as a child, it used to make her feel sick.

So, we started the visualization exercise and mapped the ice cream to the Greek yoghurt.

After completing the visualization process with her, I then asked her to think about ice cream and let me know how she felt about it. She immediately had a gag reflex just thinking about the ice-cream.

Staying on track

Quite some time went by before I saw her again. She told me that she is still not eating ice cream because when she thinks about it, she instantly thinks about the disgusting Greek yoghurt from her childhood. We managed to easily create a subconscious replacement for her.

This process is a very powerful and fast technique – within about 5-10 minutes these cravings can be remapped.

Like to Dislike – a standalone NLP technique

It’s a standalone NLP technique that delivers instant results when the craving is a simple subconscious trigger. It is important to remember here that sometimes the trigger stems from something much deeper. If we only address the craving with this technique and not the deeper underlying root cause of the issue, then there is the possibility you’ll go back to eating what you want.

How to stop using food as an escape

A lot of people use food as an escape, and use it as a distraction from their problems – similar to an alcoholic.

If you are interested in getting past this block in your life and want to schedule a ‘like to dislike’ session with me, please contact me today.

During this session, we will look at your belief systems around food, and where your subconscious reactions are stemming from in regard to eating the wrong foods, or over-eating.

Let’s get you to breakthrough with your weight loss goals and clear up any underlying problems and wrong associations that are holding you back from realizing your goal.

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