Author Trevor Holmes

I don’t know

Throughout the years of coaching many people from all walks of life, there is one phrase that comes up regularly when people are confronted with a difficult or probing questions.

“I don’t know”.

On the surface this response sounds honest and may well be the only answer that you believe you have.

For example, if you could be doing anything you want in your career right this minute, what would it be? “I don’t know.”

Why do you think you feel so angry all the time? “I don’t know.”

Where does that mindset around money actually stem from? “I don’t know.”

Today I want you to think about why we use that phrase and what is it’s purpose. In most situations, if you take the time to ask your unconscious, your soul, your gut instinct for the answer, it will give it to you. When you really want to know, you will find the answers. But the automatic reaction is this one of not knowing.

The thing here is this. When we don’t know something, we don’t have to take any responsibility for outcomes. When we don’t know what we would rather be doing for a job, we don’t have to firstly accept that we are unhappy with our current position, and then we don’t need to get out there and actively seek out the job we really want.

When we don’t know why we are angry, or where the money mindsets come from, we don’t have to address the deeper underlying issues associated with these behavioural or thinking patterns.

Do you feel stuck in your life, job or relationship right now? Ask yourself why. And don’t respond with “I don’t know.” Change starts with a commitment to action. An awareness of your own avoidance behaviour is the beginning of this commitment.

Make the first step and decide that you do want to know what is wrong in your life, the things that hold you back, the mindsets that are limiting you.

Ask yourself some really good questions. Wait for the responses. Then decide today that things need to change. That you are not going to take “I don’t know” for an answer. Replace this response with a positive response that is planting your soul into the future you wish to create.

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