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Executive coaching will get you where you want to be.

Tailored programs and one on one coaching for businesses and individuals that’s guaranteed to get results.


I’m a Certified Trainer of NLP and use NLP Coaching, Create Your Future® and Time Line Therapy® techniques as well as Hypnosis to help you overcome your fears and blocks in life.

I was introduced to NLP in the late Eighties when I was a corporate sales and marketing manager in London. The company I worked for trained managers in the art of effective communication.

After becoming disillusioned with the corporate world, I set about building a scuba diving business. This consumed all of my time until I decided there was more to life.

I went through the Breakthrough process myself to challenge my core beliefs around work and success. After successfully achieving this, I then decided to retrain so that I could help others achieve what I did.

Studying in both the UK and Australia, I’ve received the following qualifications:

• Trainer of Time Line Therapy®
• Master Practitioner of NLP Coaching
• Distinction of Trainer of NLP and Trainer of Hypnosis


Executive Coaching Sydney Trevor Holmes


Do you constantly feel you’re not good enough? Think that others do a much better job than you do? Or does a fear of failure stop you trying anything new?

If low self-esteem is stopping you from fully enjoying life then it’s time to make a change. Take that first step towards replacing your negative thoughts with positive ones by getting in touch today.



Do you feel sad all the time and nothing seems to cheer you up? Or find you don’t laugh as much as you used to? Is it a struggle to find enthusiasm for day to day activities?

If you’re feeling low then let’s make a start to help you to get more enjoyment out of life. Contact me to talk and make the first step towards feeling better.



Are you always attached to your mobile phone? Or can’t leave work behind when you finish at the office? If you’re always switched on and it’s affecting your health or personal relationships, then it’s time to make a change before it’s too late.

An NLP Breakthrough Package will help you to leave that high powered job at the office and fully switch off. Contact me to get started on a course that will make a guaranteed difference to your stress and prevent burnout.



Do you reach for food when something is bothering you? Or perhaps you turn to alcohol to help take your mind off things. Addictive behaviours can take control of your life and lead to job loss, relationship breakdown and even financial difficulty.

If you’re being controlled by an addiction, and you’ve tried other techniques, NLP Therapy can help. Overcoming addictions is possible. Contact me for a confidential discussion today.


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